3 Simple Ways to Healthy-Up Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

Here are a few simple substitution ideas to make your holiday recipes a little healthier this season.   1.)  Replace white flour with white whole-wheat flour or non-wheat flour options.  White whole wheat flour can be swapped out one-to-one with plain white flour and won’t alter the taste too much.  You can also experiment with using almond meal, oat flour, brown rice flour, or barley flour, but make sure you do a little research into altering baking times and amounts […]

Keeping Salads Healthy with Your Own Dressing

Salads by themselves can be extremely healthy, especially when packed with leafy greens, raw veggies and healthy fats, like seeds and nuts.  But then comes the dressing…and if you’re using store bought dressings, in comes the unhealthy fats, added sugars and nasty preservatives to keep the product shelf stable.  And those “healthy” fat-free dressings – well, when the fat is removed, they load the dressing up with yucky fillers and unnecessary sugars to make up for the lost taste. So […]