Get healthy for good in 2013!

I am halfway through my certification to be a Holistic Health Coach and can officially start seeing clients!!  YAY :)  Since this is right in time for the new year, I decided that I just had to make a program that would be accessible to many people as a way to kick start healthy living for 2013. I am so excited to introduce my online nutrition program, Clean Girls!!!   I am new at the video making, but thought that […]

Cozy up to Super Nourishing Winter Veggies

Just because it’s winter is no reason to think that you need to forgo your efforts to eat seasonal veggies – there are quite a few superstar winter veggies that have a proven track record of promoting good health and keeping you away from the doctor’s office.  Check out some of these nutrient packed veggies next time you’re perusing the produce aisle… Kale has really risen in ranks this year on the popular veggie list…and for good reason!   Low in calories, […]