Does buying organic produce really matter?

If you’ve shopped in the organic produce section of a grocery store, it certainly doesn’t take too long to see that the prices are anywhere from a bit to significantly higher than their conventionally grown counterparts.  And although I think there are fantastic reasons to buy everything organic,  I also know that many of us are on a budget and justifying those extra few dollars here and there can really add up.   But the question when buying organic should […]

Get Your Sugar Fix

For the last few weeks, I’ve really been talking sugar – because, frankly, who doesn’t love it?! And you know what – it’s perfectly ok to treat yourself with sweets every now and again – we deserve it :) But sometimes we tell ourselves “it’s only a couple chocolates” or “it’s only a little piece” – and before we know it, we’re eating the chocolate cake straight out of the trash can (remember Miranda from the Sex and the City […]

Maple Baked Lentils with Sweet Potato

I absolutely cannot wait until spring.  However, I’m willing to hang onto comforting and warming dishes like these Maple Baked Lentils with Sweet Potato from Oh She Glows.  (check out her blog – the vegan dishes are fabulous).  The maple syrup coupled with the sweet potato brings out a natural sweetness that is rounded nicely with the Apple Cider Vinegar (adjust this to taste – I preferred to use less than the recipe called for to keep more of the […]