What’s the deal on detox?

It’s seems like every minute, there is a brand new “detox” – promising everything from a body that rivals Gisele’s or energy that outlasts the energizer bunny.  And even though there are lots of fancy products or crazy methods out there, the reasoning and method behind a detox is quite simple: to support your body in a way that allows the liver and kidney, your body’s primary detoxification organs, to cleanse and eliminate toxins that have accumulated in your body […]

Banana Spelt Pancakes with Warm Berry Compote

  On a trip to Whole Foods a few weeks ago, I ran into sprouted spelt flour that had been put on sale.  Although not gluten free, spelt has a slight nutty flavor and is much more nutrient dense than it’s close cousin wheat.  Many people that are sensitive to the gluten in wheat tend to be able to tolerate spelt much easier, especially when the grain is sprouted.  Since I had never tried baking with spelt before, I decided that now […]

Leafy Green Love

Spring is finally here!   I absolutely love hearing the birds chirping every morning, and the smell of grass when you go outside.  Spring is the natural season of renewal, awakening, and cleansing….   AND it’s the most perfect time to start incorporating an abundance of leafy greens into your diet.     Leafy greens are one of the first new vegetables of the springtime, and are nature’s way of providing a way to naturally detoxify the body after the rich, […]