Healthy Cooking Club: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the harvest, revel in our abundance, and show gratitude for our many blessings.  To me, this means being fully present and engaged with those we love, and NOT having a hangover of guilt from over-indulging and “ditching our diet”. Like any other day of the year, my philosophy for Thanksgiving is the same: prepare your meal with an abundance of wholesome, quality ingredients and be mindful as you eat.  Be present, be grateful, be […]

Kale, White Bean and Sausage Soup

In the winter, my body naturally craves hearty and many times, meaty soups that warm you from the inside out.  This soup is one of my absolute favorites to make when it’s cold outside, and even the pickiest, non-healthy eaters will love this.  I actually made this for my family last Sunday night, and my brother astonishingly went back for seconds.  (His diet primarily consists of Mountain Dews and McDonald’s, so I took the meal as a small victory to […]