Meet Brooke

Hi! I’m Brooke Montgomery.  


And I want to inspire you to discover and rock your WELL factor!  

Let me explain...

Maybe you’ve been through the crazy diets, the up and down weight, the self-hatred, the self-doubt or the times when you’ve felt you had no self control.  I know, because I’ve been there too.  

From the age of around 9, I distinctly remember my fork in hand, joyously ready to partake in an absolute divine chocolate cake.  “You better enjoy that now, because you won’t be able to eat like that when you’re older.”   That pure joy switched right on over to nasty guilt.  I became conditioned to see food as calories on a plate – stuff that makes you fat if you eat too much.  And definitely something that I had better learn to control.  

So throughout my teenage and early adult years, I controlled.  

I had my “good” times when I would work-out daily at the gym and jotted my food consumption in a little spiral notebook.  But then there were also the “bad” times – particularly college – where I’d do a few hours of binge-drinking followed by a 3am pizza fest.   The weight crept on.  Uh-oh!  I guess I had finally reached that age where I’m doomed to a Special K 100-calorie breakfast and a scrumptious Lean Cuisine dinner.  

But that really sucks.  I was determined to find another way.

I started to hang out at Whole Foods.  I learned about super foods that can prevent disease and how fish oil can help your skin.  My whole relationship with food started to change.  And instead of fighting against my body, I slowly began to accept it.   

You see, when you treat your body with care and your spirit with love, everything else comes much easier. 

You find complete pleasure in sitting down to a beautiful meal because you are no longer silently counting the calories on your plate, but seeing lovely nutrients that are making your skin glow and your body strong. 

You eat greens because you love that extra boost of energy. 

And when you DO decide to eat that chocolate cake, you love every single bite.  And maybe even discover that without the guilt and shame attached to it, you actually are completely satisfied after just a few bites.  No “willpower” needed.  

You start to feel amazing, and you begin to understand how feeling good from the inside out has an effect on everything else in your life. You’re healthy, you’re confident, you’re glowing…you have that WELL factor.   

This is how I’ve chosen to live my life: not caught up in perfection, but in that sweet spot of balance – and I’d love to help you in finding the same. 

If you’re interested in learning more about my philosophy, my musings, and everyday adventures, I’d love to connect with you on Facebook and Instagram!  Want to dive on in with me?  Check out my current offerings, or feel free to send me a little note with what you’re struggling with and to see if I can help. 

With much love, 




A few more things about me:

I consider myself a foodie, not a health nut.  (And believe it or not, it’s possible to love wine and chocolate at the same time you love wheat grass and green juice.)

I believe a fabulous outfit and some bright lipstick can instantly cheer up the dreariest of days. 

Exploring new places is my favorite thing to do!  My goal is to be on every single continent by the time I’m 40.  

Purple is my favorite color.  Like, obsessively, weirdly emotionally drawn to anything that is purple.