Corporate Workshops

Companies that invest in wellness programs report health care savings of nearly $3 for every $1 invested. 

Healthy and happy employees are the foundation of successful companies. Studies show that companies that invest in corporate wellness programs have far fewer health-related absences and much lower employee turnover than other businesses. But the benefits don’t end there.  As people learn the skills they need to sustain long-term health and wellness, they also become more productive, efficient, and effective.

The Well Factor will work with your employees to make lasting lifestyle changes to positively impact their wellbeing.  Brooke, founder of The Well Factor, doesn’t push impractical, rigid routines that leave you disheartened and exhausted.  The Well Factor is about creating a rewarding and energizing lifestyle – one that you want to continue!


The Well Factor Workshops

 Workshops are a fun and informative forum for the discussion of healthy living and an easy implemented first step in improving workplace health.  These workshops include education on how to apply better nutrition and life choices to create a healthier life and more efficient days, as well as reduced stress in the work environment. Workshop offerings include:


Your Sugar “FIX”

  • Common ailments and symptoms of sugar addiction

  • How to identify hidden sugars in your diet

  • Tips to treat yourself and not feel deprived

  • How your lifestyle is affecting your cravings

  • Intro to the Glycemic Index and the importance of blood sugar regulation


Slowing Down to Speed Up (Stress Management Made Simple)

  •  The negative effects that stress has on our bodies and overall health

  • The impact of chronic stress on our digestion and immunity

  • How to take 5 minutes of your day to de-stress

  • Strategies to effectively incorporate relaxation and exercise in your lifestyle


Healthy Meal Planning for Busy Professionals

  • Explanation of a whole food

  • Prep methods and health benefits of specific whole foods

  • Meal planning strategies to incorporate and cook with whole foods


Chemical (not calorie) Counting

  • Resetting your way of thinking towards looking at the ingredients label rather than the calorie content

  • Understanding why whole foods are so beneficial to managing weight and health long term

  • Learn certain ingredients to watch out for that sabotage weight and health goals